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Course Name:   

System Development with CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES) and the ADSP-BF5xx Blackfin Processor Family

Course Objectives:

The main course objective is to instill to the attendee a high level of confidence to create an efficient Blackfin® Processor based system. By being exposed to the various capabilities and features of the Blackfin processor and CCES tool chain, the attendee will be better armed to tackle any issues that arise in their specific system implementations.

Course Description:

This is a practical and interactive course that is designed to systematically teach how to use the Blackfin processor to its fullest potential. Emphasis is placed on understanding the steps required to create an efficient Blackfin CPU based system in the way that ADI had intended the processor to be used. Several hands on exercises provide an opportunity for the instructor to work one on one with the attendee. Throughout the workshop, attendees are encouraged to ask questions.

The CrossCore Embedded Studio (CCES) IDE is covered in detail, including topics on navigating through the IDE, projects and project configuration, the build process, and debug features. Tools based optimizations including compiler and linker optimization are covered. The salient features of System Services and Device Drivers are first introduced. Later sections on specific peripherals or system features will connect back to the related Services or Driver API. An understanding of the Blackfin architecture will enable getting the best performance out of the processor. Architecture topics covered include the new Blackfin+ core features, security and safety features, system fabric, and an overview of the peripherals. A section on booting covers what happens during the boot process, creating boot image files, and discussing how to get them into the target system. Hardware considerations such as operation of the power management and reset are also discussed. Hardware development tools, such as evaluation boards and ICE's are also covered, including setting up hardware debug sessions and other hardware debug topics. An introduction into Micrium's uC/OS is also covered in the workshop.

Throughout the course, a number of hands on exercises will take the attendee through the various aspects of the software development process. Topics covered through exercises include setting up and building projects, C language programming, various optimizations, code debugging (simulation and hardware), and software module support (eg System Services and Device Drivers).

A detailed course outline can be found at WS_CCESBF-OUT.pdf.

Who Should Attend:

Code Developers needing to know how to get the highest performance from their algorithms, System Designers needing to make informed decisions on design tradeoffs, and Hardware Designers needing to develop external peripheral interfaces


Previous embedded microprocessor experience would be an asset (hardware and/or software). It is also highly recommended to take in the Visual Learning & Development (VLD) Video Tutorial entitled "Blackfin® Core Architecture"


3.5 days

Course Fee:

Register early and save up to 6% on the workshop fee:
$1500 USD (North America) / €1500 EUR (Europe) - If paid by company check, wire/ACH, or money order, on or before the Run/Cancel Decision Date

$1547 USD (North America) / €1547 EUR (Europe) - If paid by credit card or PayPal, on or before the Run/Cancel Decision Date

$1595 USD (North America) / €1595 EUR (Europe) - If paid after the Run/Cancel Decision Date


15-Nov-16 to 18-Nov-16 31-Oct-16 Norwood, MA CANCELLED
6-Dec-16 to 9-Dec-16 14-Nov-16 Munich, Germany Click Here to Register
TBD   Anywhere Worldwide Contact Us

This workshop can also be provided at your facilities. Please send your request to

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For a limited time, workshop participants will also receive an ADSP-BF706 EZ-KIT at no additional cost.

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